Baldwin Village



Baldwin Village is the name of a 12 unit development located at 400 Mohn Street in Swatara Township and which is owned by Mohn Street Accessible Housing, Inc., a 501 c (3) non-profit corporation.  Baldwin Village was first occupied in January of 2009.

Baldwin Village is intended for and designed for low income persons with physical disabilities and was developed through HUD’s Section 811 Program.  This development has 10 one bedroom units and 2 two bedroom units, all of which are fully accessible and affordable.  All units have their own front entrances from the parking area and rear entrances to a patio.

Baldwin Village was designed from the ground up to accommodate persons with physical disabilities.  Special features include adequate turnaround space in the units for wheelchairs, lower countertops, kitchen cabinets with easy open latches, lowered light switches, fully accessible bathrooms, a spacious shower, pocket doors to increase living space, accessible appliances, ample parking and accessible routes throughout the development.

 In addition to its accessibility features, Baldwin Village also has many energy and water efficiency features including a high level of insulation in both the walls and ceilings, skylights, instantaneous water heaters, high efficiency gas furnaces, high efficiency appliances, efficiency lighting, and low flow commodes and faucets.

 Applications are being accepted for the Baldwin Village units; however, these units have very low turnover averaging only about one unit per year.  Preferences are given for Mobility Impairment, Residency, Unsubsidized Tenant, and Persons with Physical Disabilities not living in an Accessible Unit.

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